Corona Draught Launch Set to Make Waves in The UK’s Pubs and Bars

From the eye-catching font and iconic lime ritual to the unique glassware, Corona will provide consumers with the ultimate draught beer experience

Corona, one of the UK’s leading super-premium beer brands, will be available in draught format nationwide from October 2019. Following the huge success of its 25-venue trial, which saw the brand within the top three selling beers and add 18% incremental value to venue’s draught sales[1], Corona will be available in pint and half-pint servings.

A momentous step for the brand, Corona draught will offer the super-premium experience of Corona in a new, desirable format; allowing more consumers to access this much-loved beer which is already in double-digit growth[2]. With 66% of drinkers only consuming beer on draught[3] and 81% believing the format is more sociable[4], it’s important for consumers to be able to access their favourite beer in their preferred serve.

Corona draught delivers a taste and quality consumers are willing to pay more for. The brand commands a 61% higher price per bottle than the premium category average[5], meaning the launch will help increase both volume and value sales for customers – driving more consumers into a super-premium, profitable category.


Unrivalled Super-Premium Experience 

We live in an experience economy where consumers spend more on great service, excellent quality and unrivalled knowledge. These criteria shine through in the taste of Corona, the ritual of the lime and new font and bespoke glassware.


Stand-out at bar

The experience for discerning drinkers starts before the first pint is poured – it begins as the patron decides to enter the bar. To turn heads and win hearts, Corona has carefully curated an innovative font tower.

Differentiating itself from competitors, the tower features a metal and wood construct with a glass viewing pane that shows a lightly effervescing liquid; signify the refreshing nature of Corona.

An eye-catching lime holder is attached to the side of the font, providing a nod to the all-important lime ritual and provides further refreshment cues. A bold, illuminated Corona logo signals to consumers that Corona draught is finally here!

Aligned to the brand’s fight against marine plastic, the new font tower is plastic-free.  As such, Corona draught offers pubs and bars further opportunity to associate with a brand that is committed to sustainability – appealing to an increasingly conscious consumer base.

Font badges and wooden tap handles are also available.


What about the famous lime ritual?

The lime ritual remains integral to the Corona serve on draught. It signals the refreshing nature of the beer, as well as a consistent level of care and quality from the brand.

When serving Corona draught venues are asked to follow the four-step Corona serve. Not only does this create theatre for the drinker, but demonstrates a level of service and knowledge that is unparalleled.


The four-step Corona serve:

  • Select the freshest lime
  • Cut the lime into eight equal segments and select one for the drink
  • Slice the flesh of the lime segment at the mid-way point between the top and bottom, so that it will sit horizontally on the glass edge
  • Place the lime on the Corona glass edge and serve.


Bespoke Glassware

Already a fan-favourite (many have made their way to pub-goers homes already!), a new glass has been designed for the launch of Corona draught, modelled on the iconic Corona bottle. The lip of the glass folds slightly inwards and comes to an end where the neck of the bottle would begin, allowing the lime segment to sit on its edge.


Point of Sale Support and Beyond

To further support customers in driving sales of Corona draught, the beer brand is providing a range of unique, high calibre point of consumption materials.

Celebrating Corona’s affinity with the outdoors, a beautifully crafted wooden lime holder attracts the eye whilst keeping the fruit handy nearby, and wooden drip trays add an artisanal edge to bars. Wooden font danglers drive awareness of the launch while reiterating the Corona serve for bar staff.

Coasters and A-boards will also signal to pub-goers that the venue serves Corona draught, boosting footfall.

Beyond the venue, the brand will be providing digital toolkits to help them drive awareness. Geotargeted communications will alert consumers of their nearest Corona draught venue.


Rory McLellan, On Trade Sales Director at Budweiser Brewing Group, says, “Corona draught is the perfect addition to a venue’s offering – it meets consumer demand for premium experiences, as well as our customers’ needs to drive increased value sales, improve their category mix and provide a super-premium execution.


“From the trial we’ve seen Corona draught has added value and volume sales to the much-loved Corona in bottle. Corona has strong brand equity, resulting in ardent consumer preference – and therefore purchase. At BBG we’re passionate about helping our customers deliver the best in terms of liquid, serve and experience, and Corona draught does just that.”


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