How is technology influencing hospitality in 2019? Three easy wins!

New hotel technology becoming increasingly affordable and it’s now the time for hotel owners to find out what they can do that will directly impact their business this year. With so many potential opportunities available, we’ve shortlisted three key three things to consider this year.

  1. Get personal

AI is a game-changer for the hospitality sector as we can now see in even more detail on how our customers are engaging with us and can tailor a product or service offer directly to them. We know if the client is on a business trip or travelling with young children.

A report by MarTech Today stated that 75% of Gen Z and Millennials are happy to share their personal information if it results in a more personalised experience. You can have a direct impact on this and drive direct bookings by understanding your guests more and presenting them with the right offer, at the right time. Make their life easier and reduce their planning time – you’ll not just increase your revenue but will acquire a loyal customer.

  1. Fix check-in

The hotel check-in process is fundamentally broken. Hotel chains that offer online check-in still require you to join a lengthy reception queue and often ask you to complete ‘another’ form.

You can now simplify the process for your guests by offering digital check-in or mobile key. You’re asking them to take an action in advance that will ensure a better experience when they get to reception. You’ve already got all the information you need, so it’s simply the case of offering your guests a warm welcome.

  1. Don’t put more technology in-room

Travellers always carry their smartphone – and potentially a laptop and a tablet – so why would they need another device? In-room tablets don’t offer the level of personalisation and hoteliers have zero brand control and limited access to content control.

Instead, you can impress your guests with your own branded app. Digitise your guestbook and create a single portal for all your guest communications. Maximise staff efficiency and support your guests by sharing everything they need by creating your digital concierge.

Make 2019 the year you go digital

There’s never been a better time to look at your systems and processes and future proof your business. Go digital and ensure you can compete with big chain technology and not just keeping up with. Bypass your competitors by integrating your systems and deliver a seamless guest experience, drive operational efficiencies and increase your revenue.

Criton gives hoteliers the opportunity to offer tech-savvy guests instant access to personalised guest information by wrapping all guest-facing technology into their own branded app.

With your own hotel app, you can send personal offers to your guests via location-based push notifications, integrate digital door key and PMS to speed up your guest check-in process and provide in-app messaging for delivering on all your guest fulfilment and much more.

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