Focus the iconic French fireplace company celebrating 50 years at the top

Fireplaces for hotels and restaurants

Believe it or not fireplaces and hearths are are extremely popular in the hotel and hospitality world. They are often used as a focal point for a large seating area or for supplementary warmth when the evenings get a bit chilly. There is nothing like a crackling fire to give ambiance to a room and give guests something to remember. From the Arctic circle to Oceania fires are frequently the must have design statement for many interior projects.

No one exemplifies this more than French fireplace maestros Focus. Now established for over 50 years and with an impeccable track record for making hand crafted fires from their South of France base. Focus has manufactured more than 60,000 units and supply fireplaces to almost every country in the world, testament to their quality, authenticity and originality. Focus was founded in 1968 by original thinker Dominique Imbert in the hill top village of Viols-Le-Fort, where they are headquartered to this day. Dominique has been responsible for designing most of the fires and most significantly the best selling and multi-award-winning Gyrofocus. It is the world’s first 360 degree pivoting fireplace. Most recently Dominique designed the Boafocus to celebrate their 50th birthday, by contrast a more compact sealed fireplace that has both gas and wood options.

Focus has not restricted itself to one type of design or fuel and indeed designs for outdoors as much as inside. This company is one of the most successful fireplace brands in the world. Now with a strong presence in the UK, Focus has many resellers throughout the country; you can have a fire installed anywhere in the UK.

Each Focus fire is made specifically for each project, an important component in their quality control, they work with registered suppliers, architects and interior designers to ensure the perfect installation. They are made from steel with various finishes as optional from the classic black, to pure white and most recently rust – a perfect patina for outdoor living.

Focus fires and hearths are icons of contemporary design, offering hotel guests a multi-sensorial environment that is simultaneously classy and warmly inviting. These are perfect for the stylish interiors of both modern and the more traditional hotels.