MORAG MYERSCOUGH x METHOD new JOYFUL limited edition eco-cleaning range

Morag Myerscough, artist/designer, has injected her distinct use of pattern and colour into method’s latest
limited edition collection, providing a riot of joyful colour for the home.

Morag is more accustomed to working at a supersize scale with projects like Battersea Power Station, the Design Museum and Sheffield Children’s Hospital, so working at such a small scale was an exciting challenge. Morag has meticulously created a series of joy inspired artworks for method’s planet-friendly gel hand wash, foaming hand wash, all-purpose surface cleaner and washing-up liquid.

Best known for creating beautifully designed cleaning products made from plant-based, biodegradable ingredients, with vivid fragrances and colours, method is taking its mission to ‘look good. do better’ even further in 2019 by instilling joy in homes as well as communities. Morag will be working with method and Artfelt, the arts programme at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, to transform their new outside space into a beautiful, fragrant and engaging garden.

Morag Myerscough said: “I was delighted when method approached me to collaborate on the range and work together to make it possible to help transform Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s outside space, because they share my desire to spread positivity and joy. For the product design I liked the idea of creating a beautiful, coloured jewel for your home, that every time you used it, would make you feel happier and add something to your everyday life”.

This latest limited edition range is a burst of positivity inside and out, with the fruity scent of vivid watermelon
complementing the bottle’s bold and joyful exterior. The invigorating scent features fruity and aquatic notes; underpinned with fragrances of crushed mint, basil leaf and coriander.

The brand new, method x Morag Myerscough range makes its debut exclusively at Tesco on the 28th January 2018, with the foaming hand wash, multi-surface cleaner and washing-up liquid available for £3.00, and the gel hand wash for just £2.50


Founded in 2000, method is the pioneer of premium planet-friendly and design-driven home, fabric and personal
care products. Formulated with naturally derived biodegradable ingredients and all in 100% recycled plastic bottles, method cleaners put the hurt on dirt without doing harm to people, creatures or the planet.

Today method can be found in more than 40,000 retail locations through North America, Europe and Asia. In 2013, method reincorporated as a public benefit corporation, codifying that its corporate governance meets the highest standard of social and environmental ethics. method, headquartered in San Francisco, is part of the people against dirty family, which also includes Ecover, the European-based line of ecological products.


Morag’s mantra is “make happy those who are near and those who are far will come”. Born and living in London,
Morag has always been fascinated by how words, colours, patterns and structures can change brutal urban
environments and their perception.

Morag Myerscough’s work is characterised by an engaging boldness, creating specific, local responses to each distinct audience that will see and experience the work, using it to create community and build identity. Morag
makes places from spaces that people like to be in, that stimulate and often make you smile.

Morag’s eclectic breadth of work covers the conversion of a Temple of Love, a tweet building, hospital bedrooms and
interpreting lots of types of buildings.

Morag has won several awards for her work and in 2017 Morag was awarded the RSA — Royal Designer for Industry (RDI) Instagram @moragmyerscough