Caterfab Ltd is proud to present our modular, slide under bar system

The modular system allows the customer/bar personnel, the flexibility to design and create their own bar layout, specific to their needs whilst incorporating best working practices, helping to maximise efficiency and deliver turnover of custom.

All our frames and bar structures come ready to go, no assembly required. Just slide under, level and secure, plumb in and you are ready to serve. They are fully welded so are durable and robust and have removable shelving for ease of cleaning.

The bar stations are designed so that the bar tender can do everything they need to prepare the perfect drink without moving from their station. This means that they can serve more customers and intern this creates greater profitability. We have a number of different models and variations to suit the needs of the customer.

A popular station for creating great cocktails is The ‘Deluxe’ cocktail station with new added features, incorporating a generous drop down blender shelf and piggy back speed rail system as well as a deep blender sink and integral glass refresher. This station measures 1525mm wide, 550mm deep, and stands 850mm high comes complete with insulated ice well, dividers, fruit gastro facility and framework with ample glass storage shelving.

Alternatively if alcohol, ice and juices is all you need, the traditional ‘Classic’ cocktail station is the one for you, measuring at 1355mm x 550mm x 850mm high, consisting of a fully insulated 600mm wide ice chest, complete with dividers and speed rail, the unit also has a bar sink and a small plain top for preparation or put down surface. As with all speed rails, there is the option of purchasing a piggy back speed rail and doubling your capacity of bottles to hand. Fully welded sub-frame with bin void and removable base shelf complete the station.

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