Washroom Facilities a critical part of Your Business

Just had a refurbishment – Secure your investment with the Unbreakable door lock Burstcatch!

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Ensures privacy
  • Unbreakable toilet door lock

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, times like these bring family and friends together,  and a safe secure environment is essential for all.

Modern hotels offer a luxury environment and bathroom facilities are no exception, a clean, fresh, and most importantly a presentable secure washroom is essential. Bathroom facilities are somewhere we all need to visit so presentation is of the upmost importance.

Burstcatch ensures both privacy and security, of your bathroom cubicles with its unique and patented vandal resistant design. Built to last and suitable for use in high traffic areas/ Burstcatch is designed to operate flawlessly in the washroom environment.

Burstcatch is suitable for use in all types of washroom whether fitted with standard 44mm doors or prefabricated toilet cubicles.

Burstcatch is fitted as standard in the UKs largest pub chains JD Wetherspoon, Mitchell and butler, Amber Inns, Stonegate and Missoula bars, and ensures their washrooms are always 100 percent operational at all times ensuring the financial benefits every day and ongoing customer satisfaction.

Burstcatch ensures

Privacy with Unique Anti- breakage door design

Works with all types of toilet cubicle doors

Built to last

No need to constantly replace

Built to save you money

Guaranteed to save your toilet door frame and locks from vandalism and accidental damage.

With weddings and special occasions aplenty it is essential your toilet doors stay operational, Burstcatch will give you the peace of mind that once fitted you will no longer have to call out service engineers to repair your cubicle doors.

A call out can cost £60.00 plus per call, so its a simple calculation  to see Burstcatch is a valuable investment. Prices start at only £24.00 plus vat to secure your investment!

Customer safety is ensured with our unique patented design.


How it works

Burstcatch offers the same amount of security as a normal door lock.

If excessive force is applied the lock will release therefore the door will open without any. damage to the door, door frame, or door lock and catch allowing no repair bills and no call out fee – Burstcatch gives you the freedom to concentrate your precious time on your customers instead of washroom repairs.

Burstcatch also offers access to a cubicle in an emergency, ensuring safety without the expense of replacing the lock etc.

Burstcatch comes with a 2 year guarantee ensuring your piece of mind.

Burstcatch is easy to fit to all cubicles, and can be easily fitted by your own inhouse maintenance team.