Probiotic cleaners will protect your staff, customers and reputation

Dr Emma Saunders, General Manager of Cardiff-based Genesis Biosciences, explains why the hospitality sector should embrace the many benefits of probiotic cleaners.

Customer satisfaction surveys have shown that cleanliness is one of the most important criteria for diners in restaurants and guests in hotels, even ranking above comfort and food quality. 

There is no doubt that housekeeping standards have a huge impact on the guest experience, which in turn adds value and revenue in terms of repeat business, referrals and positive reviews.

Yet, too many businesses in the hospitality sector still rely on hazardous chemical products. Not only are these chemicals harmful to the environment and can pose a risk to your workers’ and clients’ health and safety, they are proven to have limited short term efficacy.

Probiotic cleaners, which embrace the action of beneficial bacteria, offer a safer and more cost-effective solution for all sorts of application, including washroom, kitchen, interior and exterior cleaning.

After cleaning with chemical products, the bacteria and soiling immediately start to build-up again. However, probiotic cleaners remove soiling and leave beneficial bacteria on the surface which continue to degrade dirt and malodourous compounds after application.

Probiotic products also provide a much larger return on investment than traditional chemical cleaners because they don’t need to be applied as often. Considering that labour costs usually make up around 85% of housekeeping budgets, this could lead to significant savings in the medium to long term.

Furthermore, unlike many corrosive chemical cleaners, probiotic cleaners are not damaging to surfaces, therefore switching to a probiotic cleaning regime will help preserve buildings and infrastructure assets and keep surfaces and fixtures looking newer for longer.

Probiotic cleaners are also undeniably safer, for both the staff who handle the products and for the customers who visit the areas cleaned. Businesses should put all odds on their side when it comes to cleanliness, as any failing in health and safety can have major implications for the responsible manager as well as for the hotel or restaurant brand.

Banning toxic substances from hospitality environments simply makes common sense. This is why we, at Genesis Biosciences, spent five years to research and develop an innovative our range of probiotic cleaners – Evogen Professional.

Products from the range have been designed to clean, degrease, remove stains and combat malodour on all types of surfaces, so that hospitality managers can maintain sustainable, hygienic environments that help attract and retain customers, while protecting their staff, customers and reputation from any potential damage – ultimately saving time and money.