A gem in the Southside of Glasgow!

A gem in the Southside of Glasgow!

Our story starts in 1992 when for a pound I purchased the ruin of this building, after 2 years of restoration we opened on the 22nd of October 1994 and since that day the Rest has been an enormous success story, our consistency quality and unique setting together with a great team has given such a reputation that this year we have recorded our very best year so far, this has to be one of the few places in Glasgow run still by the same owner the same head chef and the same manager for the past 24 years, I am not stating that we are the best and should win our category, what I am saying is that we offer a unique experience offering freshly cooked dishes with a guarantee of quality and provenance cooked to perfection served in a unique historical building surrounded by windows all around that gives such an atmosphere to the dining area. We are in Taste our Best / Ospitalita’Italiana Italian quality approved / won Scottish business of the year / highly recommended Scotland the Best / we are also in a new tourist guide of 111 places you must see in Glasgow. We are an institution and a hob for local people to meet, we have a very special emotional connection with our customers that we have reached over the years and also we are proud to say a third generation of customers.

No other restaurant will offer what he can and this is his soul! We are not like most other eateries that look like furniture showrooms, when you enter our place you will feel an atmosphere and a buzz that we only can offer. We are one of the longest lasting Restaurants still independent and under the same owner in Glasgow and still going strong considering the amount of new restaurants, but considering that we are soon celebrating our 24th years, every day We feel that is the first day, that means how dedicated and excited and proud we are to be part of this fantastic and dear Restaurant. Words cannot express how special is the Battlefield Rest not only for us but for our loyal customers that have given us those glorious years.

For Table reservations please call: 0141-6366955

You can visit our website here: https://battlefieldrest.co.uk/

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