Charge anywhere. Charge it on Kube.

Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, Kube 5 Portable ™ is a portable universal charging system with built-in cables for all mobile devices.

Kube 5 Portable ™ Security

A safety slot ensures the security of your Kube 5 Portable ™ . Checking out a Kube is as easy as slipping the guest’s room key, credit card or ID into the adjoining slot. When Kubes are placed free upon tables, optional locking points are available for added security. Time Out functionality Each Kube 5 Portable™ can be programmed with a variable timeout function to limit user time and avoid power squatting.

How do I charge a Kube 5 Portable ™ ?

The Kube 5 Portable ™ is effortlessly recharged with an included Charging Tray, which is capable of charging five Kube 5 Portable ™ units at once.

Kube 5 Portable ™ Features

  • Charge speed comparable
    to wall outlets
  • Provides 9 hours of
    phone charge time
  • Replaceable and upgradable cables
  • Security cable attachment points
  • Programmable “Time Out” feature
  • Two additional USB ports and built-
    in Apple iPhone compatible Wireless
    Charging, powered by Qi technology.

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