The modern locking floor system uses 21st century technology replacing high maintenance products, our floor has been supplied all over Europe and the USA .

The Aluminium oxide laminate surface offers a lifetime service free operation no need to re polish as with others top components, to clean you simply wipe with a damp cloth and the surface looks as good as new. Panels are edges in aluminium to eliminate damage and balanced with white high pressure laminate.

To assemble you simply push the panels together they self lock and will not come apart add the non trip edging and the floor is ready to use the panels are laid in a brickwork pattern that ensures stability and eliminates movement.

Trolleys make transportation and storage simple and light work, a single trolley can accommodate a 4.5 x 4.5 metre floor with all it’s edging neatly stowed and wheeled to a storage area through a single width door.

No tools are required to set up there are no screws to lose or break and you will save up to 75% on set up times over competitors systems.