Hoshino Resorts Opens Latest Property, OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka on May 9, 2018

Today, the fourth brand from Hoshino ResortsOMO – is launching its second property, OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka. Just a minute’s walk from Otsuka Station, the new hotel is located in a neighborhood that straddles the line between the history and traditions of Japanese culture and the modern trends the country is renowned for globally. Guests will also enjoy exploring the retro Tokyo vibe of Otsuka, which offers a hip nightlife scene full of bars and restaurants.OMO caters to guests who would normally stay at medium-range economy hotels, but who are seeking accommodation options that is more personalized and geared towards locally immersive experiences. OMO hotels, which are built in city centers rather than in traditional resort areas, showcase the brand concept “get down with the local rhythm,” a nod to the brand’s commitment to providing memorable experiences native to the location.

Just a short train ride to the major attractions of Tokyo, OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka is perfect for travelers who are playful and imaginative, looking to explore the local area.  The following is an overview of the amenities that are available at OMO5 Otsuka Tokyo.

Rooms – The 125 guest rooms are designed in the style of a yagura which is a type of traditional Japanese wooden tower, offering high ceilings and a large window to ensure guests enjoy every inch of space. Set on a traditional tatami mat floor, a small Japanese cypress staircase that is modeled after the Edo period design leads up to the loft-style bedroom area. Built-in shelving has been intelligently built out on the walls and stairs, and the overall design has a playful, hideout feel. With a comfy sofa space and a fully-equipped bathroom including a Japanese style soaking tub, guests will feel immediately at home.

“OMO Cafe” – The property offers an OMO Café, a casual social space where food merges with the neighborhood feel. The casual cafe provides quality coffee and a full breakfast menu, and guests can enjoy the space either during cafe or bar hours. In the morning, guests can try their signature dish, vol-au-vents, a mini puff pastry, perfect to enjoy on property or take to go.

Lobby Lounge “OMO Base” – The “OMO Base” offers a common space with a laid-back and friendly vibe. A space ideal for relaxation, travelers can also plan out details of their stay, gather with friends, and meet with locals in the “Omo Base.”

Experience “Go-KINJO” – Enjoy the hustle and bustle of this charming Kinjo, or neighborhood, with OMO.

Go-KINJO Map – Otsuka boasts a retro vibe during the day with an exciting nightlife scene to explore. Guests can get local information from their Go-KINJO (neighborhood) Map where they can plan a night of bar-hopping, sample some of Japan’s best sake, and enjoy performances of jazz or even a French can-can show.

A Guided Tour Led by an OMO Ranger – To ensure guests are able to make the most out of their stay and to experience as much of the Otsuka area as possible, the hotel has prepared guided tours led by an OMO Ranger. Visitors can join a tour led by the hotel’s knowledgeable staff who are experts in the area and will help to showcase the town’s hottest spots and one-of-a-kind experiences that only the locals know.

Design – The hotel was designed by Mr. Tatsuro Sasaki of Tatsuro Sasaki Architects. After working at Azuma Architect & Associates, where he supervised multiple hotel projects in Japan and across the world including other properties from Hoshino Resorts such as HOSHINOYA Karuizawa, HOSHINOYA Bali, and HOSHINOYA Tokyo, he opened his own firm in 2013.

Hoshino Resorts OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka is located at 2-26-1 Kita-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Rates start at 7,000 yen/person for 1 night’s stay (~$64USD). For reservations and more information, please call +81-50-3786-1144 or visit: https://omo-hotels.com/otsuka/en/