Award-winning upright vacuum ‘cuts the cord’

Daily removal of grit and fine abrasive particles of dirt is a fundamental aspect of caring for hard floors. The cordless Valet Battery Upright (VBU) makes the task easier and more productive than ever as it glides smoothly and freely between floor surfaces. Powerful and effective on all floor types, the award-winning VBU is fitted with a squeegee to improve cleaning performance on hard floors.

A lithium ion battery delivers 312W of vacuum motor power and a 3,000rpm brush speed. Yet this vacuum is light as well as robust. Weighing just 5kg, the VBU unleashes more than 60 minutes’ continuous and highly productive runtime.

Ideal for daytime cleaning, the machine works quietly and safely around people and obstacles with no risk of trips or snagging – or interruptions to switch power sockets.  Its innovative design made the VBU an award winner at the 2017 Cleaning Show.

Apart from its self-adjusting nozzle for seamless vacuuming and squeegee, the VBU has an edge cleaning feature for more efficient vacuuming and maintains full suction when the machine is laid flat to clean under furniture. A battery level indicator ensures the user knows when their machine will need re-charging. A full re-charge takes no more than 2.5 hours.

VBU in use 3 (S7_f44bmSA-0tuh-zg1SrQ)

High filtration is provided by a HEPA 13 media bag. Replacing the dust bag is simple too. The compartment unzips and the bag seals automatically when released from the bag holder. A convenient carry handle makes it easy to transport the vacuum between cleaning jobs.

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