8 Signs That Your Recruitment Strategy Isn’t Working

Many of us suspect that we could be doing a better job at recruiting the next phase of talent for the company.

But how can you tell if your recruitment strategy is broken?

Well, here are the eight biggest signs that your current Recruitment Strategy probably isn’t working that well:

  1. You struggle to fill roles
  2. You do not attract enough good quality applicants to all of your jobs
  3. You spend too long working on each campaign
  4. More than 50% of your time spent on recruitment involves the unsuitable applicants that have applied
  5. You lose applicants during the recruitment process
  6. Your hiring life-cycle is longer than 21 days
  7. You hire more than 10% of your staff via recruitment agencies
  8. Your average cost per hire is more than £500

If any of these items relate to your own recruitment, it could this be down to your Recruitment Management System? Or lack of one!

Over 80% of UK businesses stated that they either did not have a Recruitment Management system at all, or that their current Recruitment System (usually a plug in to an ATS, CRM or an HR System) was not delivering acceptable results in the key areas of talent attraction.

That is because most ATS/HR/CRM systems are not designed specifically with talent attraction at the forefront of their delivery or with the effective recruitment of new talent in mind.

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A modern cloud-based Recruitment Management System should offer you all of the following:

Your Recruitment System Check list

– A low cost web based service that can be working for you within minutes
– Simple and easy to use interface that requires very little user training
– Flexible user licences
– Job advert writing tool and copywriting service
– CV parsing and automated candidate grading
– Video profiling (essential for any modern Day Recruitment Strategy)
– Behavioural and cultural assessment tools
– Background and reference checking tools
– Automated and personalised emailing facility
– Multi-posting facility across all UK advertising channels
– Comprehensive reporting tools
– Media buying options

ATS/HR/CRM systems tend to cost more than £1500 per month, where as a Recruitment Management systems will often provide a free option and premium options starting from as little as £99 p/m.

If you would like to learn more about how Recruitment Management systems could transform the way that you currently recruit staff and comprehensively address all eight issues outlined in this article, then contact Mark Stephens at Smart Recruit online.

Smart Recruit Online have helped over 1000 companies to refine their recruitment strategy, in order to improve recruitment efficiency, to reduce recruitment costs and to improve the quality of direct applications to their jobs.

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