The British Hospitality Association has welcomed an announcement from the Government that it will invest in broadband technologies for rural areas of the UK.

Around 600,000 more homes and businesses could be connected to superfast broadband, after the Government recovered £440m. The cash will be made up of £150m in cost savings and the rest in the form of returned subsidies from BT, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport revealed.

Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the BHA said:

 “This investment is a welcome announcement for hospitality and tourism businesses, particularly in rural and coastal areas, as a reliable and fast broadband connection is essential both in terms of hospitality operations and customer experience.

“In July the British Hospitality Association launched our Creating Coastal Powerhouses report, alongside the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Visitor Economy, which called on the Government to create Coastal Enterprise Zones. It is encouraging to see the Government take action to invest in broadband in rural areas which will make a big contribution to this.

“We look forward to supporting Government plans to ensure that all UK destinations are accessible and connected for British families and international visitors alike.”

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