Castaway For The Day At Velaa Private Island

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to escape everything, cut all ties, break the hold of technology; and just breathe?

After he was shipwrecked in 1659, Robinson Crusoe found that an escape from life itself was the best scenario that could ever have occurred. A rare experience to be enveloped within a complete private paradise, Velaa Private Island is now offering the opportunity to embark on a private luxury yacht excursion to a deserted island to go wild with nature for the day.

Unlike Crusoe’s experience, Velaa Private Island’s offering is complete with luxury touches at your fingertips with (should you choose) the assistance of a dedicated butler. Catering to your every want and desire, under tropical sunshine, refresh yourself with an elegant champagne picnic or have your butler assist you with your parasol and beach towel whilst you dip your toes in forgotten waters, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature in the ultimate comfort. For those after the beats of Ibiza, Velaa will even re-create your very own deserted island beach club complete with lighting and a private DJ. Or if you decide alternatively to keep your experience to a minimum, Velaa can leave you untamed to be one with nature.

There are few places on Earth that are as naturally beautiful, calming or as luxurious as a deserted Maldivian private island, and Velaa takes this luxury one step further. The island itself is designed for a maximum of only 142 guests at any one time.

“Our goal was to bring new meaning to a private escape, where the essence of lifestyle and landscape meets limitless opportunities. Velaa is a place where no request is too much and each guest will ultimately feel this is their own private paradise”, said owner Jiri Smejc.

For a limitless budget, it is also possible to hire out Velaa Private Island in its entirety for a paradise unlike any other and the possibilities are infinite. As the only resort in the Maldives Velaa has a strict no drone rule, in-room dining direct to the ocean, a ratio of 1:8 guests to staff and dedicated butlers; it is privacy personified.

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