The Coffee Machine Company, UK distributor of top end commercial espresso machines from leading Italian espresso machine manufacturer, Rancilio, has announced a remodelled Classe 7. This is CMC’s best-selling model and is well suited to the demands of busy restaurants and coffee shops.


CMC has been importing Rancilio traditional espresso machines for over 20 years and the Classe 7 is the workhorse of the range. It is available with 2 or 3 groups in automatic or semi-automatic models. The latest version retains all the innovative features so beloved of its users, but new on the 2014 model is a fully automatic self-cleaning function, Rancilio ‘Easy Clean’. This takes the backache out of end-of-service cleaning by automatically back flushing the group heads.


What prospective buyers will be struck by initially, however, is the improved aesthetics. The machine features redesigned ‘bumper’ panels made from scratchproof polymer and a mirror polished stainless steel finish for the command panel, drip tray and rear body panel. Rancilio have, in addition, added chrome plated zinc alloy group head covers.

Such cosmetic changes do not detract form the fact that the Classe 7 is a true professional’s machine with responsive ‘soft touch’ buttons and Rancilio’s patented ergonomic quarter turn ‘C’ levers which operate the twin steam wands.

The new Classe 7 is available with two or three group heads and there is also a Compact 2-group unit to save counter space. The Classe 7 Tall version is designed for takeaway service and has the ability to handle 20 oz cups. There is even a Compact Tall model in the range, combining the attributes of both machines. List prices start at £2,600 + VAT for the 2-group compact semi-automatic model.

CMC’s Sales Manager, Bill Davy, comments: “The Classe 7 is already the professional’s machine of choice and the new Rancilio ‘Easy Clean’ function will surely prove to be a boon for busy baristas. The striking cosmetic changes Rancilio have made means that it will not look out of place front of house.”