Signature Spa Ceremonies at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz to Refresh, Revive and Invigorate

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, the leading wellbeing and medical health resort in Switzerland, is delighted to present two signature treatments to invigorate the mind and body, boost energy and increase guest wellbeing. Both meditative and physical, the Sequoia Ceremony and Water Journey treatments are ceremoniously performed by therapists to help put winter behind them and prepare for the year ahead.

                          Sequoia Ceremony (90 minutes; £195)

Available exclusively to Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, the Sequoia ceremony is a unique treatment inspired by its namesake – a redwood tree – which can be found on the grounds of the luxurious hotel. The treatment starts with a relaxing footbath with salt peeling to moisturise tired feet followed by a reflexology foot massage to relax and soothe. Guests will then receive a whole body herbal massage with Grand Resort Bad Ragaz’s special local herb-filled massage stamps, which are dipped into warm oil to enliven the body and release positive energy throughout.

The therapeutic herbal massage used in the Sequoia ceremony hails from East Asia, mixing hot oil with fragrant stamps – in this case extracted from local herbs. Intensifying deep relaxation, the scrub effect will also enliven tired skin and reinvigorate the immune system.


 Water Journey (75 minutes; £168)

Using small bowls to create a 75 minute, tension-busting harmony, the original Water Journey treatment takes place in one of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz’s thermal water swimming pools. This unique treatment brings the body and mind into a deep state of relaxation by placing positive vibrations of soothing sounds to achieve a sense of euphony throughout the body.

The Water Journey spa treatment is a sensuous and invigorating experience where bowls are placed on the body and made to gently vibrate by contact with a mallet, where the resulting resonance penetrates through the whole body and leads to deep relaxation. Guests will float virtually weightless in the surface of the healing thermal water amongst the soothing pulsating sounds, releasing any tensions, emotional and mental stress, or blockages.

Nightly rates at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz start from 490 Swiss Francs (approx £330) staying in a double room. Rates include breakfast, welcome aperitif, use of the 36.5° Wellbeing & Thermal Spa area and Tamina Therme, fresh fruit and Ragaz water each day and daily fitness and relaxation lessons as well as VAT.